Family Surnames

by Brenda and David Wooddell, Sr.

John Turley Knight Family
(Standing in back) William, Turley, Earnest, Allie, Olivett, Charles,
(Seated) John Turley, John Willis, Mary (Worley), Roy

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David's Family Names

Completed Surname Links

Blankinship, Denny, Gifford, Josey, Lowe, Martin, Pidgeon, Shirey, Weaver, Wooddell

Surnames not yet Finished.

Frazer, Gant*, Grosso, House, Oswalt, Sanford, Snider, Summers.

Brenda's Family Names

Completed Surname Links

Atkinson, Cary, Garrett, Goats, Gothard, Lambert, Riggins, Stephens , Worley.

Surnames not yet Finished.

Childress, Coleman, Gant*, James, Knight, York

*Note: The Gant Family is in both of our lines.
Sarah Caroline (Gant) Gifford is the connection for David's family.
Mary (Gant) Riggins is the connection for Brenda's family

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