Charles Finley Lowe and Descendants
Generation 1

1. Charles Finley Lowe born abt 1775 in MD and died abt. 1835 in Rutherford Co. TN. He was married abt. 1789 in MD to Mary Sutton. She was born abt. 1780 in MD and died after 1860 in Rutherford Co. TN.

Notes about Charles Lowe
He is found in the 1810, 1820 & 1830 Rutherford Co. TN census.
I have a copy of his will

Notes about Mary Sutton
She is found as a widow in the 1840 Rutherford Co. TN census.
She is found as a widow in the household of her son Wesley in the 1850 & 1860 Rutherford Co. TN

Children of Charles Lowe & Mary Sutton.
2. i. Thomas Lowe born abt. 1790 in VA.
3. ii. Walter Lowe born abt. 1795 in VA.
4. iii. William M. Lowe born abt. 1797 in VA.
5. iv. Charles Finley Lowe Jr. Nov 29, 1798 in VA. and died Apr 1874 in Cherokee Co. TX.
6. v. Elizabeth Lowe born abt. 1800 in VA.
7. vi. Malinda Lowe born abat. 1806 in VA and died before 1860 in TN.
8. vii. Henrietta Lowe born abt. 1810 in Rutherford Co. TN.
9. viii. James Lowe born abt. 1813 in Rutherford Co. TN and died after 1860 in Cherokee Co. TX .
10. ix. John S. Lowe born abt. 1814 in Rutherford Co. TN.
11. x. Wesley Lowe born abt. 1815 in Rutherford Co. TN.
12. xi. Samuel Lowe born abt. 1818 in Rutherford Co. TN.

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