John W. Garrett and Descendants
Generation 1

Maggie (Williams) Garrett

1. John W. Garrett born June 7 1845 in MS and died Jan. 15, 1888 in Henderson Co. TX. He married Maggie J. Williams. She was born Mar. 4, 1844 and died about 1943.

Notes about John Garrett

He is found in the 1870 Houston Co. & 1880 Henderson Co. TX census.
The 1880 census states his parents were born in KY.
He possibly has two sibling, a brother named Tom and M.J.(sex unknown).

Notes about Maggie Williams

After John Garrett's death she married Bob Keeling.
She is listed in her son James Garrett's household in 1920 Henderson Co. TX census as Maggie

Children of John Garrett and Maggie Williams
2. i. Katie L. Garrett born May 25, 1865 in Houston Co. TX and died Aug. 19, 1929 in Tarrant Co. TX.
3. ii. Bettie Adelaid Garrett born Sept. 1, 1867 in Houston Co. TX and died Oct. 10, 1953 in Henderson Co TX.
4. iii. John H. Garrett born Mar. 5, 1869 in Houston Co. TX.
5. iv. Willie T. Garrett born Jan. 14, 1872 in TX.
6. v. James Lee Garrett born Mar 1, 1874 in Houston Co. TX and died 1957 in TX.
7. vi. Thomas S. Garrett born Oct. 14, 1877 in TX.
8. vii. Robert Young Garrett born Oct. 14, 1877 in TX and died July 16, 1962 in Henderson Co. TX.
9. viii. Jesse Garrett born Jan. 14, 1879 in TX.
10. ix. D. A. Garrett born Mar. 24, 1881 in TX.

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