Agrippa Atkinson and Descendants
Generation 1

1. Agrippa Atkinson born abt. 1777 in GA and died abt. 1833 in Bibb Co. AL. He was married to Martha Patsey Grace the daughter of Thomas Grace & Sally Maddox. She was born abt. 1781 in GA and died abt. 1833 in Bibb Co. AL.

Notes about Agrippa Atkinson
He was a judge in GA and AL.
He is found in the 1830 Bibb Co. AL census.
I have a copy of his will.

Children of Agrippa Atkinson & Martha Grace.
2. i. Arthur Atkinson born abt. 1798 in GA and died abt. 1863 in Smith Co. TX.
3. ii. Alfred Atkinson born abt. 1803 in Jackson Co. GA and died Mar. 23, 1859 in Cherokee Co. TX.
4. iii. Elizabeth Atkinson born May 15, 1803 in GA. and died Jan. 26, 1883 in Talladega Co. AL.
5. iv. Mourning Atkinson Aug. 28, 1807 in GA and died June 29, 1877 in Smith Co. TX.
6. v. Nancy Atkinson born abt. 1807 in GA and died bef. 1848 in Talladega Co. AL.
7. vi. Asa Atkinson born June 25, 1811 in GA and died May 25, 1895 in Bibb Co. AL.
8. vii. Jasper Atkinson born abt. 1812 in GA.
9. viii. Sarah Atkinson born abt. 1813 in GA.
10. ix. Julian Atkinson born abt. 1814 in GA.
11. x. Harriett Atkinson born abt. 1817 in TN .
12. xi. Mary Caroline Atkinson born abt. 1819 in TN.

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