Wiley A. Wooddell and Descendants
Generation 1

Mary Ann (House) and Hiram Thomas Wooddell

1. Wiley A. Wooddell was born Dec. 14, 1809, possibly in TN or GA and died May 31, 1876 in Tuscaloosa Co AL. His first marriage was to Barbara Tabitha Weaver on Feb. 26, 1839 in Tuscaloosa Co AL the daughter of Jesse Weaver & Rebecca Sanford. She was born in 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co AL & died 1864 in Tuscaloosa Co AL. His second marriage was to Sarah Magdalene Ray abt 1865 the daughter of Bartlett Ray and Harriet Hendricks. She was born June 30, 1820 and died Oct. 10, 1891.

Notes about Wiley Wooddell

He is found in the 1850, 1860 & 1870 Tuscaloosa Co. AL census
He is found in the Tuscaloosa Co. AL land records
I have a copy of his marriage certificate for his marriage to Barbara Tabitha Weaver
A grandson of Wiley Joseph Wooddell has told us that the A stands for Austin.

Children of Wiley Wooddell & Barbara Tabitha Weaver
2. i. Jessie Jasper Wooddell born abt 1841 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL and died abt 1912 in Tuscaloosa Co AL
3. ii Joseph H. Wooddell born June 10, 1842 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL and died June 1, 1926 in Blount Co. AL.
4. iii Permelia A. Wooddell born abt 1846 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL
5. iv Hiram Thomas Wooddell born July 16, 1848 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL and died Dec. 24, 1924 Mitchell Co TX
6. v William A. Wooddell born abt 1854 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL and died bef 1885

Children of Wiley Wooddell & Sarah Magdalene Ray
7. vi Mary Francis Wooddell born Nov. 20, 1865 Tuscaloosa Co. AL and died Mar. 29, 1944 in Calhoun Co.
vii Belinda I. Wooddell born Aug. 8. 1867 and died young
viii Wiley B. Wooddell born Oct. 31, 1869 and died young

Notes about Wiley B. Wooddell

He is found in his father's household in 1870 Tuscaloosa Co. AL census.

8. xi James Monroe Wooddell born May 19, 1875 and died Jan. 24, 1944 in AL.
9. x Maggie Theresa Wooddell Sept. 17, 1874 and died Oct 19, 1953

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