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Civil War Records While in the Washington DC area for our son's wedding, we manage to spend 3 hours at the National Archives. I wish we had 3 days, since we did make the most of those 3 hours! We got copies of miitary records on 6 ancestors. These included not only disharge but records of Prisoners of War, and one who was with Lee when he surrendered at Appomattox to end the war! That was even better than we did at Hillsboro, TX, last fall.

Even though the volunteer thought the "A-E" meant the company, the letters on the Confederate reels were the Surname. Thus we lost 15 minutes in set-up time rewinding, returning, and getting the reels we wanted. Having learned that, I was able to find 3 of Brenda's kin, and my 3g grandfather while she was waiting in line to copy the ones we found. TEAMWORK! We advise anyone with very limited time to spend at NARA, that has some prior knowledge of the unit, they can get some really good results searching the Civil War Records microfilm.

Family and Friends; Helpers in Genealogy Page A new concept in organizing a group for reciprocal lookups around the country. We now meet on Thursday & Sunday Nights 8:00 CST.

Lost and Found Department I think all Genealogists "collect" information on people with the same and similar surnames when we are searching. We have decided to post ours, along with any documents and sources, for those who just by chance may be looking for them. Hopefully we can be of mutual assistance. We have activated the Martin link with wills from SC.

Family Surnames The Weaver page has at long last been started. This has been a confusing family to try & straight out. They intermarried with the same families again & again. Thus far we have the Wooddell, Martins, Stephens, Cary, Denny, Riggins, Atkinson, Lambert, Lowe, Garrett, Giffords, Goats, Gothard, Worley, Blankinship, Pidgeon, Josey, Martin and Shirey sites relatively updated.

Our Family Photo Albums We will soon have more Josey pictures as well as some Garrett & Lambert.

Pictures of Tombstones by CemeteryWe have added Mays, Laneville, & Glenfawn Cemeteries in Rusk Co. TX to our cemetery pages, as well as adding pictures to Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Rusk Co. TX and Walker's Chapel & Cedar Hill Cemeteries in Cherokee Co TX.

Cherokee Co. TX CemeteriesAs soon as the hot weather breaks (along about Sept.) we will start to catalog more cemeteries.

Documents of Record We have added new death certificates from AL and hope to soon add more.

Our Brick Walls We have added Littleton Riggins, Charles Finley Lowe & Benjamin Blankinship to this page.

Our Genealogy Links Page We actually use these on an almost daily basis. We have added a great new site for those of you who have ancestors who died in AL. It is called AL Death Records and is run bu Susette Cook. For $2.00 per certificate Susette will make & mail you a copy of any AL death Certificate.

Friends Genealogy Links Page I have added some links to sites of Family members, and Friends. You might find some related info here!

Family Histories We now have a story about Silas F. Worley my gg grandfather.

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