Current Ongoing Research-As Yet Unfinished

by David A. Wooddell, Sr.

Wooddell Families that also have a Wiley

The quest continues

Tracing the elusive and Wiley (pardon the pun) A. WOODDELL has been a real adventure. What has been proven about him is found on our Wooddell Surname pages. I was beginning to think "found in the cabbage patch" applied to my ancestors! In my quest to go beyond the Wiley A. Wooddell that is my 3 G grandfather, I have also turned up 3 and possibly 4 others that are contemporary with him. The respective links will take you to Information on each one. Some enlightening, some possibly scandalous, some just plain interesting, and one that ended in the Civil War.

Wiley, James, and Kin from Arkansas More information that I had found on the original theory.

Wiley, James, and Kin from Alabama The Morgan, Lauderdale, Marshall County kin.

Wiley, and Kin from Talladega Co., AL Another Wiley Woodall

Wiley, James, and Kin from Tennessee A Possible Tennessee cousin.

Last updated Aug. 24, 2002