Copies of Family Members Obituaries

As we acquire and update our records, we will add items.

[IMG] John Thomas Cary

[IMG] Caswell M. Cary

[IMG] Helen Francis (Wooddell) Crawford Jacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

[IMG] John Anthony Denny Schenectady Gazette Schenectady NY

[IMG] Mary E. (Worley) KnightFt. Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co. TX

[IMG] Dempsey Richard Lambert

[IMG] Giles Martin (family obituary) Southwest Theological Seminary at Ft. Worth, TX

[IMG] Benjamin Ike ShireyObituary

[IMG] Katie Belle (Gifford) Shirey Obituary (Have Memorial Record also if requested)

[IMG] Allen Stephens Snyder, Scurry Co. TX newspaper

[IMG] LH Wooddell Sr. Jacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

[IMG] Monte Lenore (Shirey) Wooddell Jacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

[IMG] Luthur Horace Wooddell Jr. Memorial Record

[IMG] Mary Ann (House) Wooddell Jacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

[IMG] Zebedee Wooddell Jacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

[IMG] Lula Clementine (Josey) WooddellJacksonville Daily Progress, Cherokee Co. TX

I also have obituaries for the following scanned:

Bagley, Viola (Manning)
Berry, Adolph Ruth
Berry, Andrew Draton
Berry, George M.
Blankinship, B.F.
Blankinship, Robert C.
Brightwell, Neva Joyce (Wooddell)
Causey, Violet (Pryor)
Cluck, Jimmy Don
Cook, William O.(husb. of Opal Wooddell)
Crawford, Marcus J.
Crawford, Timothy Glyn
Deckard, Britton (Tucker)
Deckard, Walter Kent Sr. (husband of Britton Tucker)
Deckard, Walter Kent Jr.
Denny, Albert H. (son of John Denny & Filomena Rubino)
Denny, Ernest (son of John Denny & Filomena Rubino)
Dickson, Esther (Richey)
Ford, Monte Roseann (Shirey)
Frazer, Isaac Kendrick
Frazer, Lula (Douglas)(wife of Thomas I. Frazer)
Frazer, Tom I.
Gifford, Gayle (son of Chester Gifford)
Hassell, Tidy Ann (Holcomb)
Hill, Vivian Exa (Cary)
Holcomb, J. G.
Holcomb, Nora (Shattuck)
Huddleston, Linda Kay (Loden)
Hurt, Fabrice (Gifford)
Hurt, William
Longmire, Tennie (Blankinship)
Jorgensen, Thorleif B. (husband of Wilma Perkins)
Josey, F.W. (Bill)
Josey, Hiram T.
Josey, Vera (Watson)
Knight, William Thomas (son of John T. Knight & Mary E. Worley)
Linney, Catherine (Meredith)
Loden, Augusta (Wooddell)
Loden, Charles
Loden, Fred (husband of Augusta Wooddell)
Loden, Orbie J.
Loden, Orval L.
Manning, Guy
Manning, Laura Catherine
Manning, Sam W.
Martin, Anna (Yingling)
McClure, Kirby
McGaughey, Ella (Mullins)
McGaughey, Jennie
McGaughey, Novia (Acker) McGaughey
McGaughey, Gary B.
Meredith, John L.
Meredith, Olive (White)
Morrison, James (husb. of Bertha Yingling)
Myhand, Margie Marie (Shirey)
Myhand, Thomas Marshall (husband of Margie Marie Shirey)
Odom, Alfred G. (husband of Maggie Shattuck)
Perkins, Bennett Blake
Perry, Myrtle (Wooddell)
Pidgeon, Mary (Grasso)
Pidgeon, Anthony
Pryor, Sarah (Meredith) Tucker
Sanders, Lois Johnston Dewall (wife of Delmar)
Shattuck, David W.
Shattuck, Leila (Black)
Shattuck, Robert A.
Shattuck, William Isaac
Shirey, Gloria Ann (Little)(wife of Earnest Earl Shirey)
Shirey, J. B.
Shirey, Marshall D.
Shirey, Marvin Ike
Shirey, Maurice Lawrence
Shirey, Melvin Moore
Shirey, Milburn Edwin
Shirey, Pearle (Adcock) (wife of Marvin Shirey)
Spruill, Norman D.
Stephens, Florence (Yingling)
Summers, Sallie (Francis)
Watkins, Dorothea Ann (Wallis)
Watson, Jeanette (Yingling)
Wright, Beulah (Wooddell)
Wooddell, Bruce
Wooddell, Carlton
Wooddell, Charles Allen
Wooddell, Charlie O.
Wooddell, David Andrew
Wooddell, Farris (Helm)
Wooddell, Harvey Carter
Wooddell, Hattie (Yingling)
Wooddell, Herman Hoyett
Wooddell, John Henry
Wooddell, Lloyd Samuel
Wooddell, Marie (Evans)
Wooddell, Maxine
Wooddell, Ocie Marie (Evans)
Wooddell, Ruby (McNaughton)
Wooddell, Wylie H.
Yingling, Agnes (Mayo)
Yingling, James A. Earl
Yingling, John H.

Berry, Peter A.
Ford, Mary Ella (King)
Loden, Nobie Ruth
Shattuck, Edna
Wooddell, Dennis Ray

Most of these are from "Newspaper Obituaries of Cherokee County"
by Helen Wooddell Crawford


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