Copies of Family Death Certificates

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Fannie (Goats) Cary dau. of Benjamin Goats & Rebecca Smith

Dempsey Richard Lambert son of John Lambert & Sarah Featherston

Marvin Ike Shirey From Steven Powers

Zebedee Wooddell son of Hiram T. Wooddell & Mary Ann House

Mary Ann (House) Wooddell dau. of James House & Rachel Caroline Lawless

Luther Horace Wooddell Sr. son of Zebedee Wooddell & Lula Josey

Luther Horace Wooddell Sr. son of Luther H. Wooddell Sr. & Montie Lenore Shirey

Additional Certificates available on request

TX Death Certificates

Atkison, Albert Andrew (son of A. A. Atkinson & Maria Coker)
Atkison, Mattie (McClung) (wife of Joseph Atkinson)
Blankinship, John K. (son of Benjamin Blankinship & Elizabeth Lowe)
Ford, James Richard (son of Richard J. Ford & Montie Shirey)
Frazer, Lula (Douglass) (1st wife of Thomas I. Frazer)
Garrett, Bettie J. (relationship unknown)
Garrett, Lura (dau of Robert Garrett & Texana Williams)
Gifford, Charles Americus (son of Americus Gifford & Malinda Johnson)
Josey, Wade Hampton (son of Samuel Josey & Margaret Campbell)
Manning, Daniel C. (son of Willoughby Manning & Rebecca Meredith)
Manning, Rebecca (Meredith) (dau. of Daniel Meredith & Elizabeth Atkinson)
Meredith, Alice (Hicks) (wife of Samuel A. Meredith)
Pryor, Robert (2nd husband of Sarah Meredith)
Shirey, W. H. (son of Nathan Shirey)
Wooddell, David Andrew (son of Hiram T. Wooddell & Mary Ann House)
Wooddell, Susie (Leach) (second wife of Zebedee Wooddell)
Wooddell, Wiley Joseph Jr. (inf. son of Wiley J. Wooddell & Lillian Edwards)

AL Death Certificates

Abston, Ira A. (son of Henry Jennings Abston & Nancy Barringer)
Abston, Nancy (Barringer) (dau of Lewis Barringer & Bethany Weaver)
Bannister, Mary Francis (Wooddell) (dau. of Wiley Wooddell & Sarah Ray)
Bannister, Robert (husband of Mary Wooddell)
Barringer, Aaron M.
Barringer, Alice (Ball) (w/o Riley Barringer)
Barringer, Erdie (dau. of R.N. Barringer & Martha Koster)
Barringer, Erline (Coleman) (wife of Vela Barringer)
Barringer, F. L.
Barringer, Frances (McGee) (wife of Aaron)
Barringer, Pearl (Findley) (wife of Willie Barringer)
Barringer, Riley N.
Barringer, Tilton Theddeus (son of M. G. Barringer & Lottie Hinton)
Barringer, Willie B. (son of R. N. Barringer & Wonder George)
Bates, Alvin Arthur (s/o Wm. Bates & Mary Lowe)
Childress, Hermie Thompson (son of Alfred F. Childres & Mary Riggins)
Childress, Charlie Rudolph (son of Robt. B. Childress & Sarah Caroline Pool)
Childress, William Q. (son of Robt. Childress & Sarah Caroline Pool)
Childress, Mordecia Clarence (son of Joel B. Childress & Alpha Robinson)
Childress, Wm. P. (son of Joel Childress & Alpha Roberson)
Childress, Alfred F. Childress (son of Thomas Childress & Mary Edwards)
Childress, Ruben Densmore (son of Thomas Childress & Mary Edwards)
Childress, Mary (Riggins) (dau of Dolby Riggins & Melissa Rasberry)
Childress, Alpha (Foshee) (dau of W. D. Foshee)
Childress, William Newton (son of Thos. Childress & Mary Edwards)
Childress, Susie Emma (Hardy)(w/o Wm Newton Childress)
Childress, Aceneth Emma (Watson) (wife of David J. Childress)
Childress, Vernon Porter (son of David J. Childress & Aceneth Watson)
Childress, C. Harold (son of David J. Childress & Aceneth Watson)
Childress, Edwin T. (s/o David J. Childress & Margaret Clacker)
Coleman, Evin (2nd husband of Rebecca Barringer)
Fikes, Abbie L. (Snider) (dau. of Leonard Snider & Laura Kyzer)
Fikes, William Andrew
Gore, Mary Bell (Weaver) (dau. of Rufus Herrin & Sarah Weaver)
Hale, Kittie (Bates) (d/o Wm. Bates & Mary Lowe)
Herren, L. L.
Herrin, Freddie M (dau of George Herrin)
Herrin, George E. (son of Rufus Herrin & Sarah Weaver)
Herrin, Rufus (husband of Sarah Weaver)
Herrin, Sarah P. (Weaver)
House, Benjamin Barney
Kyle, William C. (husband of Georgia Snider)
Kyle, Georgia (Snider)(dau. of Leonard Snider & Laura Kyzer)
Kyzer, Willie M. (h/o Harriett Herrin)
Littlejohn, James M. (husband of Lucy Riggins)
Littlejoh, Lucy (Riggins) (dau of Samuel Riggins & Cynthia Childress)
Littlejohn, Lula Inez (Dobbs) (wife of Thomas Littlejohn)
Logan, Joseph A.
Lowe, Isaac H.
Lowe, Exzine (Grantland)
Lowe, Calvin Henry
Lowe, John Crawford Sr.
Maddox, Warren F. (son of Wm. Maddox & Mary Riggins)
Maddox, Sallie Jane (Childress) (wife of Warren F. Maddox)
Maddox, Tabitha (Maddox)
Maddox, J. M.
Marchant, John Henry (husband of Esther Weaver)
Marchant, William Charlie
Marchant, Bascom M.
Marchant, Frank S.
Marchant, Infant Son (s/o Frank Marchant & Cross Wood)
Milner, Margaret (Wooddell) (dau of James & Mary A. Wooddell
Moses, Blanch Ann (Bowen)
Moses, Malinda (Weaver)
Noblin, Bell (Lowe)
Price, Esther Ophelia (Weaver) (dau. of Rufus Herrin & Sarah Weaver)
Price, Joseph Ollis (husband of Esther Weaver)
Puckett, Laura Frances (d/o of Stephen Wadsworth & Barbara Wooddell)
Puckett, Carl (h/o Laura Wooddell)
Riggins, Blanton Earnest
Riggins, Evie Lena (Robinson)
Riggins, Martha Jane (dau of Samuel Riggins & Cynthia Childress)
Riggins, Mary Elizabeth (Foshee) (wife of Rufus Riggins)
Riggins, Merrium Bell (Lackey)
Riggins, Rufus Albert
Riggins, Rufus C. (son of Samuel A Riggins & Cynthia Childress)
Riggins, William Gant (son of Dolby Riggins & Melissa Rasberry)
Riggins, Ellen Genice (Price) (wife of Wm. Gant Riggins)
Riggins, Dalby Riggins (son of Dolby & Melissa (Rasberry) Riggins)
Riggins, James Washington Riggins (son of Dolby & Melissa (Rasberry) Riggins)
Riggins, Mary (wife of James W. Riggins)
Riggins, Winfield Scott (son of Blanton & Mary (Childress) Riggins)
Riggins, Georgie Lee (Kelly) (wife of Walter S. Riggins)
Riggins, Mary Henrietta (Morris) (wife of Moses F. Riggins)
Riggins, John A. (son of Thomas & Mary (Rutledge) Riggins)
Riggins, Moses Ferdinand (s/o Blanton Box Riggins)
Riggins, Cassie Marlowe (s/o Moses F. Riggins)
Riggins, Jennie (Fisher)
Roberson, Capers
Roberson, Purity (Riggins)
Scales, Alonzo M. (w/o Berdie Snider)
Shuttleworth, Oliva (Wooddell)
Shuttleworth, John W. (h/o Oliva Wooddell)
Simmons, Saxe
Snider, Cora P. (Barringer) (dau of Lewis Barringer & Bethany Weaver)
Snider, Laura (Kyzer) (wife of Leonard Snider)
Snider, Leonard W. (son of Daniel Snider & Barbara Weaver)
Snider, Morgan J. (son of Zachariah Snider & Temperance Caroline Smart)
Snider, Temperance Caroline (Smart)
Snider, William G. (son of Daniel Snider & Barbara Weaaver)
Solley, Mary Ellen (Riggins)
Taylor, Dora (Lowe)
Taylor, James
Terry, Margaret Estelle (d/o of Robt. Bannister & Mary Wooddell)
Thompson, Thelma (Barringer) (dau. of R. N. Barringer & Wonder George)
Vines, Joseph Lane
Vines, Martha (Smith)
Waddell, Lovie E.
Waddell, Major
Waddell, William A.
Waddle, Maloy R.
Wadsworth, Barbara Tabitha (Wooddell) (dau of Jesse J. Wooddell & Laura House)
Wadsworth, Stephen Jr. (h/o Barbara Wooddell)
Watts, Adelia (Weaver)
Watts, George W.
Watts, J. B. (son of Daniel Watts & Dorothy Weaver)
Watts, J. D.
Watts, Martha Rebecca (Skinner) Wooddell (dau of John & Mary Skinner)
Watts, Sally
Watts, William Louis
Weaver, Benjamin David
Woddell, James Merrell
Wooddell, Joseph (son of Wylie Wooddell & Barbara Weaver)
Wooddell, Laura A. (House)(dau of James House & Caroline Lawless)
Wooddil, Barbry(dau. of Joseph Wooddill & Josephine Causey)
Wooddil, Josephine (Causey) (dau of William Causey & Permelia Brazil)
Wooddil, Theamster (son of Joseph Wooddil & Josephine Causey)

AZ Death Certificates

Gothard, George Noah (son of John Thomas Gothard & Janie Byers)
Gothard, Calvenia (Matson)(wife of George)
Gothard, John Thomas (son of George Gothard & Calvenia Matson)

CA Death Certificates

Pruitt, Joseph Jackson (husband of Jettie Garrett)

NY Death Certificates

Denny, Filomena (Rubino) (1st wife of John Denny)


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