Civil War Widows Pensions

As we acquire and update our records, we will add items.

The following is a list of records I have from the state of TX.

1. Minerva (Browning) Atkinson (wife of Eli Atkinson)
2. Margaret (Baughman) Clamp (wife of William Jacob Clamp Sr.)
3. Henrietta (O'Quinn) York (2nd wife of James Monroe York)
4. Margaret (Clamp) York (2nd wife of John Thomas York)
5. Fanny W. (Turbeville) Sanford (wife of Joab Sanford)
6. Nancy (Lowe) Roberts (wife of William Roberts)
7. Maryann Catherine (Sanford) Weaver (wife of George James Hurdon Thomas Weaver)
8. Malinda (Johnson) Gifford (last wife of Americus Gifford)
9. Mary Jane (Martin) Peel (wife of William Peel)
10. Samantha (Carlton) Martin (2nd wife of James Drayton Martin)
11. Martha E. (Jennings) Berry (wife of Andrew J. Berry)
12. Virginia (McCauley) Sanford (3rd wife of Thomas C. Sanford)
13. Mary E. (poss Bond) Sanford (wife of Simon H. Sanford)
14. Sarah E. (Webb) Sanford (wife of William A. Sanfore)
15. Sarah A. Peeler (wife of Stephen Anderson Peeler)
16. Mary Ann (Cary) Bedell (wife of Abner Whitfield Bedell)
17. Martha E. (Cary) Shook (wife of Osgood Andrew Shook)

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