"The Genie-O Lodgy" Page

The location and true name of this lodge will be revealed soon.

"Where we can take a break from Genealogy and talk fishing, hunting, dogs, and computer gaming"

I would like to dedicate this page to those of us who have at one time, spent their days pursuing outdoor activities that involved something alive. Then tried their best to remedy that fact, or at least catch it. Even if it was on Sierra's "Trophy Bass" or "Trophy Rivers", or "Cabela's Big Game Hunter", we'll talk about it.

The Lodge Hall Our Family Forum with sections for our Tales

Fishing Tails Mostly about Fishing

Any fishing stories submitted must have at least 50% truth to them.

Only the name of the lake, pond, river, etc., may be altered to protect both the "innocent" (those who trusted you with their secret spot), and the "guilty" (lest you incriminate yourself for "poaching").

Photographic "evidence" will both make the story more interesting as well as reasonably believable.

This is mainly for reminiscing, and re-living "old times" when we could walk 10 miles in a day through thick woods, mosquitoes, rain or shine, and call it fun. Maybe we do grow wiser with age.

Fowl Fables Tales from the duck, goose, and birds department.

Must be within the limits of the law, unless it really was a story related from an ancestor in the "days before limits and seasons".

Please take time to consider that this being linked to a "Family Site" will be viewed by ladies and kids too. Therfore think a minute about your description of "colder than a...".

Deer and Big Game Hunts. They better be the four legged species.

Any stories involving a searchlight, or the grill of a SUV will be removed.

Wonderful Hunting Dogs Those "once in a lifetime" outdoor and indoor companions.

Again, although we can tend to brag about a great dog, all submissions must be at least 50% accurate.

Any story about a dog that can walk on water, must be accompanied by a photo. Preferably dated with the weather report for that day. Ice while technically IS water in a frozen state, does not count.

Computers and Gaming Both on and offline.

No hacks, cheats, or "mods" here.

We play flight sims, racing sims, first person shooter games, fishing sims, and who knows? We might just get together for a friendly game of "cards".

Fish and Game Recipes Mouth watering ways to fix that "poor little critter" for dinner or as a "shore lunch".

No "secret herbs or spices" will be used in any meal.

If you would like to share a story

David Wooddell

This page last updated May 3, 2002