Nicola Dell Orfano and Descendants
Generation 2

4. Pasquale (Patsy) Dell Orfano (Nicola) born Dec. 30, 1956 Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy. He married Teresa D'Aquiao. She was born Mar. 1865 in Italy.

Notes about Pasquale Dell Orfano
He became a US citizen on Sept 13, 1896 in Lackawana Co., PA.
His descendants change their last name to Denny.

Notes about Teresa D'Aquiao
She is found in the 1900 Luzerne Co. PA census listed as a widow.
She later married an Unknown Penta.

Children of Pasquale Dell Orfano & Teresa D'Aquiao
7. i. John Anthony Denny Sr. born June 24, 1879 in Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy and died July 8, 1968 in NY.
8. ii. Maria Stella Denny born March 1884 in Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy and died Jan.8, 1931 in Luzerne Co. PA
9. iii. Carmina (Mamie) Denny Mar. 21, 1884 in Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy
10. iv. Angelina Denny June 16, 1887 in Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy and died Jan. 19, 1916 in Lackawanna Co PA.
11. v. Margaret Denny born April 22, 1898 in PA and died Oct. 1980.

5. Biase Dell Orfano (Nicola) born Apr. 2, 1959 in Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy. He was married to Philomena Unknown. She was born in 1878 in Italy.

Notes about Biase Dell Orfano
He is found in the 1920 & 1930 Schenectady Co NY census.

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