Tillman Cemetery

Tillman Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

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Tillman Cemetery is located beside FM 747, south of Pierce Chapel. This site was updated in Oct. 2002 by Martha Coates.

Bozarth, George E. 9-28-1896 d. 5-29-1975 & (PFC US Army)
Bozarth, Vera M. 7-15-1911 d. 9-13-1999 (married 4-6-1962)
Tippy 5-5-1964
** Directly behind the Bozarth grave, turned sideways, think it was an animal**
Gibson, James R. 11-4-1926 d. 4-3-1978
Gibson, Jo Lynn 8-15-1943 d._____
Gibson, James Edward 6-12-1954 d. 5-24-1974
Goff, Raymond 3-16-1929 d. 7-9-1986
Goff, Wilma R. Tillman 8-31-1934 d. 11-9-2000
Rawls, Woodrow W. 1-17-1919 d._____ &
Rawls, Retha Vest 5-21-1920 d._____ (married 8-17-1963)
Tillman, Maudie E. 1-7-1919 d.____
Tillman, James E. 12-6-1903 d. 9-1-1996
Tillman, Edgar Milton 1895 d. 4-14-1918 (brother)(Tex-Pvt-129 Field Arty-35 Div.)
** Middle name & Birth yr. found in 2002 Update**
Tillman, John T. 1870-1957
Tillman, Octavy J. 1871-1918
Tillman, Clyde Thomas 1908 d. 1-19-1970 (61 years 5 months 19 days)
**Birth yr. found in 2002 update**
Tillman, Mrs. Ella Nora d. 2-18-1941 (73 years)
**Her grave wasn't found in 2002 update**

One stone with the information torn off

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