Unknown Cemetery

Smith Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Smith Cemetery is located about tree miles northeast of Reese. The Martha Smith gravesite is a very ornate vault, M.J. Crawford (the person who catalogued this cemetery) said it was the most ornate vault she has seen so far while cataloguing these cemeteries.

Abbott, Millie Mae 7-4-1915 d. 10-9-1973
Smith, Martha 4-14-1813 d. 10-22-1822 (69 years 6 months 8 days)
Smith, James W. 1879-1925 (emptied-moved)
Smith, George Clark 4-19-1840 d. 2-14-1925
Smith, Ella M. 3-29-1842 d. 2-2-1908 (born at Griffin, Georgia)
Smith, infant birth & death 1905 (son of Sealy & Tom Smith)
Unmarked grave, (infant by Mrs. Ethridge) (From Bible records)

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