Old Baptist Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Old Baptist Cemetery is located about mile southwest of the road fork in Larissa, Texas.

Bass, Willis 4-20-1812 d. 7-11-1884
Bass, Elizabeth born 1812 (only date)
Bass, John (no dates)
Bowie, Amy (rock-no dates)
Cole, A.B. 10-19-1822 d. 4-29-1873
Cole, Mrs. S.J. 10-21-1824 d. 6-19-1876
Hood, John C. 5-18-1868 d. 10-23-1911
Hood, Rufus M. 1-5-1862 d. 8-18-1873
Hood, Lula E. 2-5-1873 d. 5-11-1873
Hood, Robert
Hood, Lamba
Hood, Maranda
Hood, Bryan
Hood, Jennie (wife)
Myers, D.H. 11-12-1825 d. 1-10-1903
Myers, Millie A. 11-27-1867 d. 12-3-1885
Myers, James F. 2-4-1879 d. 7-19-1879 (5 months 15 days) (son of D.H. & S. F.)
Myers, Sarah, D. 1-21-1874 d. 8-28-1878 (daughter of D.H. & S. F.)
Myers, infant (no dates)
Robinson, Susan G. b. 2-24-1831 in Butts Co., GA. d. 1873 in Larissa, TX. (wife of L.J.)
Sharp, Mattie A. (no dates)
Sharp, W.A. (no dates)
Sherman, Purley 5-8-1882 d. 7-9-1883 (daughter of Tom & Martha)
Siterellird (?), A.L. October 1858 (only date-rock)
Sittlefield (?), B.T. b. 6-3-1858 (only date-rock)
Smith, J.T. (no dates)
Smith, Theo. 10-16-1800 d. 10-13-1864
Smyrl, Rebecca 1808-1881
Smyrl, Emmett 1875-1876
Smyrl, Novie 1880-1882
Smyrl, infant (no dates)
Ta____, Tarbutton (?) Mattie (no dates)
White, Coola (no dates)
Waller, Mrs. W.M. 1848 d. 1-6-1874 (age 26 years) (wife of I. Waller)*
* I. Waller has two wives buried at Tilley Cemetery at Afton Grove.

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