Douglas Cemetery

Douglas Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

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Douglas Cemetery is located about two miles southwest of Bullard School. From the intersection of FM 2493 & FM 344 go west .3 miles to School House Rd. Turn left on School House Rd & go .5 miles, the cemetery is on the right. Many of the monuments in this cemetery were made in Italy of Italian marble. One has a life size child sitting on top of the monument. Another has a larger than life boy carrying a horse bridle.

Douglas, Allen D. 8-28-1873 d. 11-25-1956
Douglas, J.C. 7-7-1856 d. 4-9-1909
Douglas, Carrie 1-26-1859 d. 3-10-1924
Douglas, Joseph E. 9-14-1854 d. 2-23-1879
Douglas, Anne 4-30-1833 d. January 1886 (wife of Joseph)
Douglas, Joseph P. 6-8-1830 d. 1-9-1881
Douglas, Robert L. 10-26-1865 d. 3-25-1893
Douglas, Edward 11-11- 1886 d. 10-6-1888 (son of J.C. & Carrie)
Douglas, Lucy Cornelia 1-30-1869 d. 10-25-1899 (wife of Wm. P.)
Douglas, Wm. P. 8-13-1863 d. 12-13-1927
Douglas, Drucilla Duncan 1-3-1873 d. 2-8-1959
Douglas, Janie C. 1-3-1855 d. 10-18-1878 (wife of James L.)
Douglas, Emily Geraldine 9-29-1860 d. 8-29-1862
Douglas, infant (no dates) (child of J.L. & P.J.C.)
Gayle, Edwin O. 6-1-1866 d. 9-12-1946
Gayle, Ella L. 9-29-1879 d. 12-28-1961
Haden, Anne D. 8-30-1871 d. 9-18-1956
Haden, William F. 10-8-1866 d. 4-6-1953
Loftin, infant (no dates) (son of W.P. & P.E.P.)
Loftin, Peter d. 11-7-1882
Loftin, Wm. Pitt 11-28-1835 d. 9-3-1884
Loftin, Eddie Smith 8-30-1850 d. 8-13-1888
Loftin, J.D. 2-17-1871 d. 7-13-1942
Robinson, Lelia S. 5-30-1852 d. November 1864
Robinson, Jerry P. 7-6-1861 d. 10-28-1863 (son of J. & S.E.D.)
Robinson, Anna P. 8-10-___ d. 1-16-1861 (daughter of J. & S.E.D.)

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