Wiggins Cemetery

Wiggins Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

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Wiggins Cemetery is located on the west bank of Lake Stryker, on TPL property. Catalogued January 19, 1972.

Wiggins, Nancy 2-7-1800 d. 10-20-1873 (Nancy Wilson)
Wiggins, Hundley 2-8-1786 d. 7-20-1863
Wiggins, Mary Beatrice 8-15-1857 d. 7-20-1858 (daughter of James F. & J.A.)
Wiggins, James F. 9-9-1823 d. 9-3-1876 (broken marker)
Wiggins, Mary A. 9-27-1837 d. 4-12-1880
Wiggins, Leondus 3-7-1873 d. 7-18-1873 &
Wiggins, William E. 6-8-1855 d. 8-4-1856
Wiggins, Lou C. born 1833 (died at 32 years)
Wiggins, W.C. born 1832 (died at 35 years)
Wiggins, Ednie R. 3-10-1861 d. 3-15-1871 (daughter of H.S. & F.E.)
Wiggins, H. S. 3-20-1827 d. 12-24-1877 (broken marker) **
** H.S. Wiggins wife is buried at Myrtle Springs Cemetery.

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