Old Piney Grove Cemetery

Old Piney Grove Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

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Map of Cemetery

Old Piney Grove is located about a mile southwest and across a creek from Piney Grove Cemetery. I was told that when George Washington Davis died the creek was to high to cross so he was buried in what became Piney Grove Cemetery. The only inventory that I have at this time was done in the 1960's. Old Piney Grove is on private property & we are trying to locate the owner to see if there is any stones left standing. Information for this cemetery was furnished by Sherry Hamill.

Name Epitaph Comments
Chandler, Lydia C.
born 2-8-1841
died 7-23-1903

Chandler, Richard
born in VA 1790
died 10-2-1868

Chandler, Hope

Chandler, Julia
born 11-10-1855
Age 15 years

Chandler, Little Janie
Age 3 years

Chandler, Fannie
born 4-5-1858
Age 22 years

Chandler, Crittendon
born 4-2-1820

Chandler, Anne E.
died 2-13-1896
Age 23 years

Chandler, Mrs. Nancy
born 1-9-1830
died 11-29-1901

Davis, Anna Carolina Scurlock
born 11-28-1821
died 3-9-1849

Davis, Mary Calidony Scurlock
born 11-6-1823
died 9-16-1853

Davis, Rebecca
born 12-17-1829
died 11-3-1885


Thompson, Edy Afelston
born 2-17-1881
died 7-1884

Thompson, John Deckard
born 9-7-1879
died 12-31-1903
Age 24

VanZandt, Meneme
born 8-14-1802
Age 64

VanZandt, Abraham
born 4-17-1804
Age 64 years

Gone But not forgotten
In my Fathers house are
many mansions

Gone to a brighter home
Where grief cannot come

Carved Rock

One Precious to our hearts
is gone. She was the sunshine
of our home.

Rest Darling till we meet
in heaven

Our hearts are sad beyond what
human tongue can tell. Death
has taken away from us one we
Love so well

A kind father and a true husband
rest here. Tho lost to sight, to
Mamory dear.

Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God

Weep not that her toils are over
Weep not that her race is run
God Grant that we may rest as
Calmly, when our work, like hers is done

Carved Rock

This lovely buds unfolds in heaven

Here I lay my burden down
Change the cross into a crown

Waiting with the assurance of a
glorious resurrection

Deaths but a path that must
trod of man would pass from
earth to God

She was a VanZandt, her husband
was Wiley Chandler. Died while
in the Civil War Randall's 28th
TX, Walker's Division
Married May 14, 1857

He brought all his family and
possessions to TX from AL & SC
before the TX Revolution. His wife
Bethania was probably buried here.

Child of John Wiley & Emma Alice
Chandler. Probably born 1904.

Child of C. & Nancy

Dau. of C. & Nancy

Dau. of C. & Nancy

Son of Richard Chandler

Dau. of Crit & Nancy

Wife of Crit married 2-2-1851
Nee: Nancy Suttles

1st wife of George Washington Davis
married 2-17-1840

2nd wife of George Washington Davis
married 11-9-1849
She was younger sister of his 1st wife

3rd wife of George Wahsington Davis
married 12-17-1854
She was born Rebecca Jane Pickens
& was 1st married to Daniel David Deerman

Son of William & E. J. Thompson

Son of William & E. J. Thompson

Wife of Abraham
Mother of Lydia Catherine
Born Pagitt

Husband of Meneme
Came to Red River (Sherman), TX
with his father before TX Revolution.
Uncle Isaac Van Zandt was signer of
TX Independence

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