Stevens Cemetery

Stevens Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Stevens Cemetery is located on FM 23 southwest of Rusk, Texas approximately eleven miles. At one time this cemetery was called Box Cemetery. Located in the Bulah Community on private land. Catalogued early in 1974.

Box, S.D. 3-3-1838 d. 3-20-1902 (Father)
Holcomb, infant birth & death 10-9-1905 (daughter of Lee & Lizzie)
Massey, Ella Irene 1875-1914
Owens, Katy Maurine 10-12-1909 d. 1-13-1911 (daughter of Charlie & Arma)**see note**
Rose, Sarah F. 1874-1904
Stevens, W.G. 1-17-1825 d. 2-10-1892 &
Stevens, S.A. September 1823 d. 9-29-1894 &
Stevens, Frances 3-5-1853 d. 2-2-1886 (daughter of W.G. & S.A.)
**NOTE**(Arma Owens was the daughter of John T. Stevens & G., son of Wm. Giles Stevens)

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