Parks Cemetery

Parks Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Parks Cemetery is located on FM 1857 in the feed lot of a dairy farm, about 4 miles southwest of Rusk, Texas. This cemetery was at one time fairly large but the markers have deteriorated and only a few gravesites are marked and only a few of them are legible. (*) denotes relatives of Mrs. Edna Rich. Their graves are unmarked but are known to be buried there. Catalogued early 1974.

* Carlton, (several unmarked graves of the Carlton Family)
* Jones, Mrs. Catherine Norton born 2-5-1880 (mother of Edna Rich)
McIntyre, James Monroe 7-15-1886 d. 10-3-1903 &
McIntyre, Mary H. February 1890 d. 3-7-1910
McIntyre, Floyd June 1898 d. 1900
Norton, Catherine d. 2-5-1880 (grandmother of Edna Rich)
*Norton, Erasmus James, Sr. 7-4-1822 d. 11-2-1911 (grandfather of Edna Rich)
*Norton, Jane Messer Hughes d. 3-15-1870 (1st wife of E.J., Sr., married 7-3-1843)
Parks, W.S. 9-20-1822 d. 7-27-1876 (born in Tennessee)
Parks, ? d. 1890 (Mother) (red rock, deteriorated)
* Parks, Abrial (unmarked)
* Parks, ? (unmarked) (wife of Abrial)
Riley, Elizabeth B. d. 9-17-1917 (daughter of Birgis A. & Mary Meador Avery)
Ross, Willie R. 8-12-1882 d. 8-6-1885 (son of J.O. & R.A.)

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