Holleymns's Chapel Cemetery

Holleymon's Chapel Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Holleymon's Chapel Cemetery is located behind the Holleymon's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church on the road that goes to Hobson's Bridge on the Neches River. It was partially catalogued by Martha Coats Sept. 2002.

Collins, Kimberly Jill (Sanford) 11-24-1971 d. 12-23-2000
Dodd, Zachary Paul 2-12-1990 d. 2-14-1990 (son of Paul & Brenda Dodd)
Duesterburg, Terry Lee 2-13-1956 d. 1-23-1982 (son of Martha "Polly" McCreight)(Grandson of Ab & Kate McCreight)
Garner, Fred A. 5-9-1927 d. 4-1-1991 (PFC US Army WW II)
Garner, Jerry Lee 5-26-1955 d. 9-15-1993 (USAF) (son of Fred & Geneva Garner)
Goff, Brandi Michelle 1982-1990
Goff, Earon Ted 10-7-1915 d. 1-20-1985
Goff, Earon Jr. 1915-1985 (PFC US Army WWII)
Goff, Kimberly Ann 1985-1990
Langston, Aron Kyle 10-19-1992 d. 4-19-1997 (grandson of Harold Ray & Jane Langston)
McCreight, Albert F. 2-18-1904 d. 7-18-1985 &
McCreight, Katie M. (Sides) 9-2-1907 d. 2-15-1982 (married 10-9-1926)
McCreight, Nelda L. 6-27-1933 d. 9-4-1993
Watson, L. E. 6-28-1934 d. 9-25-1987 (PFC USMC Korea)
Watson, Timothy Aaron 2-22-1977 d. 5-4-1994

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