Hogg Cemetery

Hogg Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

James Stephen Hogg 1851-1906

Hogg Cemetery is located in the eastern section of Rusk, Texas, south of Highway 84. This cemetery has graves of Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg's mother and relatives. Lucanda & Joseph Lewis Hogg were the governor's parents. Governor Hogg was born near Rusk, Texas and has the distinction of being the first native-born governor of Texas (1891-1895). Governor Hogg is buried in Austin, Texas. Catalogued in 1973.

Davis, Will B. 1824-1852
Davis, Daniel 1850-1850
Hogg, Thomas 1789-1848
Hogg, Martha 1772-1853
Hogg, Lucanda 1815-1863 (wife of Joseph Lewis Hogg)
Hogg, Joseph Lewis 1806-1862 (buried on the battlefield of Corinth, Miss.-Civil War)
****Joseph Lewis Hogg was a Confederate general who died in May 1862****
Hogg, Joesph Lewis, Jr. 1845-1848
Hogg, Joseph, Lewis, Jr. 1854-1872

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