Ford Cemetery

Ford Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Ford Cemetery is located south of Oakland on a dirt road, near the old grist mill, by Beans Creek. Catalogued in 1972.

Ford, Charles E. 2-12-1835 d. 1-8-1909 (born in Connecticut, died near Rusk, Texas)
Ford, Sarah E. 9-3-1844 d. 7-31-1910 (born in South Carolina, died at Rusk)
Ford, Pie 7-26-1862 d. 7-18-1876 (daughter of C.E. & S.E.)
Ford, Charlie 3-8-1872 d. 9-17-1876 (son of C.E. & S.E.)
Ford, Corrie 12-24-1880 d. 8-7-1883 (daughter of C.E. & S.E.)

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