Ball Cemetery

Ball Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas

Ball Cemetery is located about three miles southeast of Maydelle, Texas. Only a couple gravesites have markers, the rest have rocks with incomplete information. Catalogued 1971.

Ball, Mary Dunniod (no dates) (rock marker) (wife of Tandy Ball)
Ball, Lewis (no dates) (rock marker) (brother of Tandy Ball)
Ball, Abner C. (no dates) (rock marker) (brother of Tandy Ball)
Ball, N.J. d. 1888 (rock marker)
Ball, William A. 1868-1886 (rock marker)
Ball, Lena d. 6-27-1872 (rock marker)
Ball, Johnson (no dates) (rock marker)
Ball, Mary (no dates) (rock marker) (wife of Johnson)
Clark, James (no dates) (broken rock marker)
Dunnicd, T.J. (no dates)
****Dunnicd is an Indian name, thus the unusual spelling****
M L A (only info)
Morris, Sarah (no dates) (wife of Ben)
Morris, Ben d. 1-5-1873 (rock marker)
Morris, Margaret (no dates) (rock marker) (first wife of Ben)
Newman, J.T. 1-1-1857 d. 12-3-1917 &
Newman, Liddie Ann 2-15-1861 d. 10-15-1945 (wife of J.T.)
Newman, Rhoda Ball (no dates) (rock marker) (wife of T.L., mother of J.T.)
Newman, Sarah (no dates) (on rock marker) (mother of Bud Newman)

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