Aquatic Originals Taxidermy by
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

An original fiberglass mount of a largemouth bass caught in an August tournament on Lake Palestine.

Taxidermy is an art form using the prepared skins of birds, fish, mammals, or reptiles to attempt to create a lifelike rendition of a once living creature. Some are better at it than others, and create a more realistic, longer lasting subject than others. Therefore, they charge accordingly for their work. Conversely, sometimes you don't always get what you pay for, as the taxidermy profession has many bad actors.

For example, with the popular fiberglass fish reproduction mounts, one can pay a hefty price for a cheap knockoff that was never cast from a real fish. A lot depends on whom you are dealing with. If you are shopping for the cheapest price, don't expect the highest quality. If you seek high quality, realistic craftsmanship, then you will pay more for it, but it will look better, and last longer.

I retired from taxidermy as a profession in 1991 to make the highest quality fish replicas that were available. When we do your replica mount we will recreate the colors and markings from your photo with casts from actual specimens showing all the detail. We will never try to pass off a machine carved and painted Chinese knockoff that seldom looks like the correct species, let alone your fish.

In 1996 after a fire, I re-evaluated my life, and chose God and family over the lure of the taxidermy competition circuit. In 2016 I learned that the area desperately needed a quality fish and bird taxidermist so I decided to again pursue the craft, but on a much smaller scale than when we had The Sportsman's Den Taxidermy Studio just down the road.

Currently, I would rather do a few dozen outstanding pieces for discerning customers than several hundred who care only about the price, and how big the fish or horns are. If you care about quality, and knowing that you will get your own trophy back, call David at Aquatic Originals (903)787-2890. This year we are also doing a few mammals and game heads for select clients. Have a safe and successful hunting season.

A mallard drake on "Final Approach.".

A Ross's goose in rice field habitat, with custom-painted background.

Drake wood duck in a custom habitat.

Let us preserve your special trophy the way it deserves to be done.

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