Aquatic Originals Taxidermy by
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

An original fiberglass mount of a largemouth bass caught in an August tournament on Lake Palestine.

David Wooddell, Sr. is a past award-winning taxidermist, competition judge, and seminar instructor, who operated The Sportsman's Den Taxidermy Studio in Flint, (1978-1991) but left the profession in 1991 due to disenchantment with the trade as a whole.

In March of 2016, he came out of retirement to help a young local taxidermist with his birds. Unfortunately, this did not work out, and ended six weeks later.

Back in 1987 with the advent of Operation Share a Lone Star Lunker, David and his wife began Fish Clones, Etc., a company supplying the most realistic fiberglass fish reproductions available to the trade at the time. The company grew, but it was hard to find employees capable of meeting his exacting standards.

David was not immune to the trappings of the Dark Side. As his ability grew, he lost sight of his talent being a gift from God. The LORD reminded him in April of 1996 when a lightning bolt struck his shop, causing a fire from which they never recovered. Struggling to rebuild, he faced the choice of the business, or his family, and chose his family, and began his return to The LORD.

In this time, following his wife's miraculous, Divine healing of ovarian cancer, David began writing Christian Fiction, and renewed his personal relationship with The LORD.

It was then that he realized that through taxidermy competitions, he had sought man's approval, and not God's. He also saw the winning mounts in competition evolve to the point of trying to improve on what God created. This is the true standard by which a finished mount should be compared; the living specimen; not an artificially enhanced creation.

Sportsmen often reduce God's creatures to a broken mass of flesh, sometimes nearly destroying it through massive trauma wounds, or poor field care. A taxidermist who says they can fix anything is not being truthful. Many keep spare specimens to replace badly damaged specimens, or their own mistakes. This is not only unethical, but often illegal.

Only The LORD can bring the dead back to life, and restore them to perfect health. We need to accept His sovereignty, and our limitations as human beings. One of our failings as men is pridefulness, and unfortunately taxidermy feeds this trait.

Sadly, taxidermy is much the same unethical business it was in the 1960's, only worse. Today it is easy to take a course online, buy the "diploma" and hang out a sign. Thus, unscrupulous people take in more work than they can realistically handle in a reasonable time frame, often through deceptive ads and misrepresenting another's work as their own. This practice is then supported by those lured in by low prices whose mounts may never be completed. Doing this artwell takes more time and an extensive study of God's creations. Doing any business ethically takes a personal relationship with The Creator.

Displaying a 32-year-old goose mount shows that if you do things right the first time, they will look just as good years from now.

Our goal is to please God first by doing our best in preserving a likeness of The LORD's creatures. In the process, the customer will be happy, knowing Who set that standard.

We came out of retirement to fill a void in the local area for top quality taxidermy. We provide a service to those who are not content with typical taxidermy mounts, and do not mind spending a little more for a quality trophy that will stand the test of time. It is apalling what people were accepting, especially in fish replicas and bird mounts.

Taxidermy is a wildlife art form, using a properly preserved skin mounted over a recreated artificial body, realistic, quality glass or acryllic eyes, and posed to appear alive. A living specimen that God created is the standard we try for. Taxidermy competitions were once about being the best, it evolved into trying to improve on that which God created.

So, 25 years after leaving the trade, David again tried his hand at doing a few birds and fish, after much praying, and soul searching. God and he agreed that the credit was His to bestow, and there would be no more competitions. His skills came back, first the basics, and then the fine points he had learned from some of the best in the trade. Now, David believes his birds are better than ever, and he has not lost his God-given talent on other work.

A 33-year old pronghorn antelope, still in great condition.

Let us preserve your special trophy fish or bird the way it deserves to be done.

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