Aquatic Originals Taxidermy
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

Taxidermy is an art form using the prepared skins of birds, fish, mammals, or reptiles to attempt to create a lifelike rendition of a once living creature. Some are better at it than others, and create a more realistic, longer lasting subject. Therefore, you will most likely pay more for quality, life-like, long lasting work. Conversely, sometimes you don't always get what you pay for, as the taxidermy profession has had more than a few bad actors lurking among its ranks. Beware of those opening a business, taking in trophies and deposits, and then vanishing with both. It happens every year, across the nation.

If you are shopping for the cheapest price, don't expect the highest quality. If you seek high quality and realistic artisanship, then you can expect to pay more for it, just as with a new gun, or vehicle, but it will look better, and last longer.

In 1996 I re-evaluated my life and chose God and family over the taxidermy competition circuit and the trade with so many ethically challenged operators. In 2016 I decided to again pursue the craft to supplement my retirement, but on a much smaller scale than when we had The Sportsman's Den Taxidermy Studio just down the road (1978-1993).

As I begin my eigth hunting season serving the East Texas area in semi-retirement, I would still rather do a few dozen outstanding pieces for discerning customers than have several hundred customers who care only about the price, and how big the fish or horns are. If you care about quality, and knowing that you will get your own trophy back that will last a lifetime, call or come and see David at Aquatic Originals (903)787-2890. Have a safe and successful hunting season.

Some of the mounts pictured in the galleries have won awards at various state, regional, national, and Safari Club taxidermy competitions from when I was active in the competition circuit. Most were with customer's mounts and have long since gone home. These days "Award Winning Taxidermists" are a dime a dozen. Not only did I win competitions, but I also judged several state and regional events, in addition to teaching seminars at these, plus the national shows. Now I do my work only to please God, and the client, and I set a quota of how many of what I want to do. If I choose not to do a mount, I will refer the client to a top-notch reputable studio to handle it. Thank you for stopping by.

Let us preserve your special trophy the way it deserves to be done.

Basic price list Our standard mount prices.

Care of Your Trophy What to do, and not to do to insure the best possible outcome in your trophy mounts.

Bird Gallery Some photos of trophy bird mounts.

Fish Gallery Some photos of trophy fish mounts.

Old Gallery Some photos of various mounts done for our Sportsman's Den customers.

Game Head Gallery Some photos of various big game shoulder mounts done for our customers.

Misc. Gallery Some photos of Lifesize, rugs, antler and other mounts.

Items for Sale Fiberglass fish mounts and unclaimed trophies that you can legally buy, and we will ship to you if needed.
Packing and shipping costs are extra, only reflect our actual costs.

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